implementing agile is contextual

Expand your coaching capacity

Working at strategic, tactical and operational levels of the organization, Xodiac can help expand your coaching capacity.

  • We train teams in a foundational agile thinking framework, increasing the understanding of agile and lean practices and their applicability in your organization’s context. The framework is designed to enable teams to be effective while increasing coaching impact.
  • We help setup a self-sustainable coaching practice and train aspiring coaches among your staff to use the framework as a vehicle for sustainable transformation. We provide them with leadership and coaching skills and mentor them on the job.
  • We help refine your governance framework and delivery metrics to increase transparency in your processes and leverage opportunities for improvement.
  • We advise and coach your executive teams in their agile, business and cultural transformation, product strategy and delivery governance.

Your teams need support

Whether you are about to embark on your agile journey or your teams are already well on their way reaping the fruits of their continuous improvement mindset, applying agile principles in your organization’s unique context will benefit from rock solid coaching advice.

Not only are effective agile coaches difficult to come by, most organizations cannot afford to hire them for the majority of their teams. This leaves many teams unsupported and at risk to not reach their full potential… or worse.

Many agile practices are not a clear fit for every organizational environment. Applying them unmodified can lead to inefficiency, frustration and even demotivation. Your teams require help in understanding and using your organizational context to get all benefits from applying agile practices.

Make your organization thrive

Your staff understands and can navigate your organization better than any outsider. With the right support and mentorship, they are your key to sustainable transformation and continuous improvement.

Instead of just the lucky few, your entire organization will benefit from increased coaching capacity, improved performance and a healthy morale, at the same time reducing your dependency on external coaching advice.