delivering value is contextual

We help make your teams thrive!

We help your business become a learning organization in control of current challenges and ready to embrace future opportunities. Our services are tailored to help you execute your goals, regardless of where your journey has taken you so far or at which level of the organization you need support.

Teams are at the heart of your business, when they thrive, your business thrives. We tailor our services to the needs of your executive teams, product teams, delivery teams, and delivery support teams and help guide them to tangible results through the use of agile and lean practices.

A learning organization:
  • continuously challenges and adapts its current way of working
  • to better achieve its business goals
  • while recognizing real constraints and leveraging opportunities

Service catalogue

Delivery assessment

We assess your how your organization structures its IT infrastructure and delivers value. We provide recommendations to align your delivery with your business objectives.

Agile Thinking workshop

Agile thinking arms your organization with the mindset and tools it needs to continuously challenge the status quo and improve your structure and processes to better address your business needs.

Delivery strategy

We help you implement a delivery strategy based on your strengths and your business objectives. Our experienced consultants work with you to tailor a strategy to your priorities and long-term vision.

Infrastructure strategy

The ability to deliver value depends on a solid infrastructure strategy, tailored to the needs of your business and taking advantage of modern tooling and automation. We help create a strategy fit for your business.

Data strategy

We help you design and implement an information strategy to support your business today and in the future, as your data outlives the software that uses it.

Agile Thinking TTT

Our train the trainer program enables your organization to continue receiving the benefits from Agile thinking, long after our consultants have left. It will allow you to build your own development capacity for years to come.

Coaching capacity building

Our coaching development program helps you build coaching capacity from within. Your colleagues will learn how to apply Agile Thinking to identify opportunities for improvement and guide the teams towards a continuous improvement mindset.

Workshop facilitation

Need help getting getting optimal value out of the time you bring executives together? We facilitate workshops addressing complex problems and leading to tangible results in only a few hours time.

Executive coaching

Our experienced consultants help your executive team focus on the most important aspects of modern IT business and gives them the tools they need to build a true learning organization.

We align with where you are on your journey

Initiate Design Execute Scale Refine

We work in an iterative way and tailor our services to where you are on your journey.

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